10 Reasons to book your holiday to Ireland with a Travel Agent

1. Experience

We have years of experience planning holidays and trips and we can give you the best advice.What looks like a short journey make take longer than expected on Irish Roads!

2. Support while on holiday

We offer 24/7 support while you are on holiday so if you have any problems or emergencies we are on the other end of the phone and will assist you.

3. Insider Knowledge

As we are lucky enough to have grown up & live on this beautiful Island of Ireland we know all the best nooks & crannies and places to visit so trust us to plan your dream getaway.

4. Stress free planning

We take the stress out of planning your holiday. It can be difficult when you have a full-time job or you are not familiar with the destination trying to plan a dream vacation. That’s what we are here for, it is our full-time job to plan holidays so let us do it.

5. Best value for money

Value for money doesn’t necessarily mean cheap. We don’t cut corners and always get the best deal for where you want to go. We sell quality not quantity.

6. No “surprise” costs

All the costs are built into the holiday by us and a good agent will outline every detail of what is and what is not included. If you go online direct to accommodation or attractions, you can sometimes miss the small print of additional charges.

7. Building relationships

Your travel agent will get to know you, your preferences and your dislikes. You can build a relationship with your travel agent and all your holidays will be great ones.

8. Itinerary planning

It can be daunting planning a two-week vacation. We, your travel agent can plan the whole trip from start to finish and the bit’s inn between.

9. Exclusivity

We know all the best luxury hotels, spas, golf courses and attractions and we have been building relationships for years with all these so we can get you the very best room in the hotel, tee time on the course or treatment in the spa at a time that suits.

10. Flexible

We can deal via email, call you at a time that suits you and we offer flexible payment options.

So step away from that search engine and call your travel agent today.