Ever wanted to stay in your very own castle? Well you can “rent” out Tullaun Castle (The Black Castle) in County Tipperary for the night during your next trip to Ireland!

Located in Coolbawn, County Tipperary, the Castle dates back to 1570 when Dermot Kennedy was the first recorded owner. According to current owner Sonja Bergin – “it is a Kennedy Castle in Kennedy Country“! John, William & Rory Kennedy were the last Kennedy owners in the 1640’s. Tullaun apparently means grassy knoll but enough of that sort of talk!!

Being almost 500 hundred years old it has been 10 years in the making to make it so you can stay the night! Imagine being transported back through five centuries and having a unique, romantic overnighter, or “OverKnighter” as Sonja calls it, in The Great Hall of an authentic 16th century Irish castle. A sanctuary from the modern world, The Black Castle is nestled amongst the beautiful rolling hills of North Tipperary (it’s not such a long way!) with stunning Lough Derg, and all that it has to offer, on your doorstep.

It is a very authentic Castle experience – there is NO modern heating (except the open fireplace and hot water bottles). There is NO TV, NO CD/DVD player and with very limited internet connection….wait for it……. NO WiFi!! It’s the perfect opportunity to take a break from the constant intrusions of modern life. For relaxation and entertainment there are books to browse and games provided including replica 18th century playing cards, Backgammon, a delightful Lewis Chess set and a Fidchell (Celtic chess) set. There is NO ELECTRICITY whatsoever in The Great Hall, only the warm glow of candlelight and firelight (they provide abundant candles and fuel). Don’t panic though! An overnight stay at The Black Castle doesn’t mean you have to go completely back to The Dark Ages as THERE IS ELECTRICITY in the “kitchenette” (a room below The Great Hall) which will be stocked with goodies for snacks and also something to tide you over during breakfast time the following morning.

In keeping with the authentic 16th Century Castle feel, in as much as is possible, there is NO SHOWER or BATH at Tullaun Castle. The “BATHROOM” consists of an eco-friendly DRY TOILET (composting toilet/”gardaloo”© Cody Long) while natural, handmade soap and hand towels are provided. Truly an escape from modern life!

The Great Hall is on the second floor and the only access is by the 16th century stone spiral staircase which means that the Black Castle may unfortunately not be suitable for those who have restricted mobility. The Castle is exclusively yours during your stay. The owners are on site, only a minute or two away in case you need them for anything, but out of sight during your visit. Not only is the castle exclusively yours during your overnight stay, you also have 13 rugged acres of the Tipperary countryside for you to explore too. Next to the campfire, there’s rustic seating for dining al fresco if the weather allows.

If you are looking for something a bit different and to be King or Queen of your own Castle for a night then check out Tullaun Castle in County Tipperary!