When people ask the question, “when is the best time of year to golf in Ireland”?

My answer is any time of year! There is no such thing as bad weather just bad wet gear!!!!!

The most popular time to golf in Ireland is May to September. You can be lucky with April as you can get warmer dry weather, however most courses are having their final preparations and the greens can be slower.

June and September are definitely the busiest golfing months for visitors to Ireland as the weather is dryer.

With daylight savings throughout May to September evenings are bright until 11pm so there is plenty time for golf!

The weather in Ireland is very changeable and as they say, we can have four seasons in one day. However, our weather is never extreme, we don’t have freezing winters or soaring summers, in fact most of the year our golf courses are playable. Winters would average around 40F rising to the 60’s in the Summer.

 So pack up the wet gear just in case but as they say in Ireland “it will be grand”